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(979) 213-4761

100 N. Parker Ave. 

Suite 112

Bryan, Texas 77803

Holt & Hutchins, PLLC

The Entrepreneur's Law Firm


All business ventures begin at the formation stage. Holt & Hutchins has the depth and experience to  ensure that our clients not only have the personal liability protection they need, but are also skilled at creating business structures that protect our client's business assets.


Let us help you make sure that you and your assets are protected right out of the gate.


Whether its buying or selling assets, negotiating agreements, securing regulatory permits, or finalizing intellectual property rights, Holt & Hutchins has broad experience across numerous industries to ensure that our clients' interests are not only addressed but that they are advancing. 

Let us help you navigate through the legal landmines so your business can feel confident moving forward.   


Despite our clients' greatest efforts, civil disputes are inevitable. At such times, our clients rely on us to zealously advocate for them both in and outside the court room. As seasoned litigators with proven trial experience, Holt & Hutchins is both a shield from the stress of confrontation and a sword of justice.  

Lets us help you move past the frustration caused by misunderstanding and find purpose in resolution. 

Meet Our Professionals
Padon D. Holt
Aron D. Hutchins
What People Say About Holt & Hutchins

"From business formation and guidance on organizational structure, Padon has played a critical role for our business from the very beginning. Having access to reliable general counsel has immediately elevated our company to negotiate intellectual property licenses and execute long term development and defense contracts within the first nine months of business. Having Padon stand in our corner has ensured our company's intellectual property is protected and prepared us for the rapid growth in team members and customers. Starting a business is risky. Having an entrepreneur's lawyer gives you the confidence to grow and know your company's risks are being watched over so you can focus on your team and customers." Caleb H. 

"During what was probably the most stressful time in my life, my decision to have Aron represent me in my legal matters was the best choice I could have made. Throughout the entire process he was incredibly encouraging, confident, and responsive and I don't believe I could have been in better hands through this ordeal. He has excellent relationship with opposing counsel and it was evident that he was well respected. We all take risk, but hiring Aron wasn't one of them."​ - Brian S.

"Throughout my personal and business life I have come to value loyalty much higher than I ever anticipated. That is why I feel so well taken care of when Padon Holt is handling any issue that arises. He is the most loyal associate I deal with. He is in my corner no matter how high the chips are stacked against me. He is tenacious, clever, proactive, and he will never quit. In addition to exceeding my expectations with his legal services, I now also look to him as a mentor and an agent with every legal (and personal) matter I deal with"​ - Clint H.

"You don't know you need an attorney until you need one, and sometimes it's by no fault of your own. When I first called Aron, I needed help. A client had put us in a bad way. We resolved that issue, which is what I expected by calling in an attorney. But they took it a step further. We've since continued working with the firm to manage risk, systemize contracts, establish wills, and overhaul our company's structure and organizational chart. Honestly, you don't know what you don't know and the business environment can be a jungle (or a field of land mines) if you don't have a trusted advisor. Today, I consider our legal firm to be our most critical consultant and our safeguard against catastrophic loss. They guide every big decision we make so we can focus on running our business. Truly, I sleep better at night knowing that I can call Holt & Hutchins." -Justin S.

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100 N Parker Ave, Suite 112
 Bryan, TX 77803
Telephone: 979-213-4761
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